handmade dolls and softies

Cosmic creations for Astronomical adventures!



Greetings Earthlings and welcome!


You’re probably wondering why there are no cakes here!

Well..... there’s The Spacecakes!

They’re not real though!


The Spacecake name comes from my love of all things spacey and my Patisserie background.


 All of my designs are handcrafted with skill, care and universal love.




Be prepared for an interplanetary ride!







‘We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity”

Captain Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek.


My aim is to deliver a delightfully cosmic experience with a focus on bringing you well made catering to each customers individual needs when necessary.

My dolls and alien softies are quirky, whimsical and OOAK, inspired by some of my favourite childhood books and authors such as Alice in Wonderland and Dr.Suess, my obsession with the universe and space travel and by the amazing Kawaii fashions found on the streets of Tokyo.

They are individually and lovingly made by hand from quality new and sometimes upcycled fabrics so each one is unique.


 They make a great gift for anyone aged 3-100!

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