Spacecake design evolves!

Christine Mellado

Spacecake design evolves!

SPACE: The final frontier.
MISSION: To explore the wonders of toy creation and bring enjoyment to all life forms.
Greetings earthlings!

I’m Christine, the Captain of Spacecake design.
It all sprang into existence in 1995 when I made my first pair of pants. I couldn’t stop sewing!
I taught myself to sew by unpicking items I bought from op shops then making them again and eventually turning them into something new.
It was a hard and long process!
A few years on and many, laborious hours spent on my sewing machine, I decided to become a full time dressmaker.
My creations were custom made and ranged from wedding gowns, debutante dresses, puppets along with costumes for McDonald’s and Dracula’s restaurant!
Quite a few more years on and many, many more laborious hours spent on my sewing machine, I decided to change careers and explore the wonders of Patisserie due to my love for cake making.
That ended up being many laborious hours spent in a commercial kitchen!
I became pregnant and as you can imagine my belly grew too big to be working such long and hot hours!
So I had my first beautiful baby boy.........
That was when things started to change!
I have since had 3 more wonderful, inspiring children and I wanted to create things that they could enjoy and would love to play with that were durable and engaged with their imagination. So the sewing began once again and Spacecake design evolves!
Now my dream of creating these special dolls, crazy critters and all things spacey is turning into a reality that is soaring through the cosmos!
Spacecake designs are OOAK keepsakes that can be cherished, collected and passed on to the next generation.
Attention to detail in every aspect of my creations is very important to me, some of them can take up to 20 hours to create and it is a magical experience when they are brought to life.
Come and follow my galactic journey
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